History of the Scottish Siberian Husky Club

It was in 1993 that Georgia Lappin Lawrence spoke to many Siberian Husky owners and exhibitors to see if they would be interested in a Scottish Club.
The majority felt that with the numbers of Siberian Huskies in Scotland a Scottish club would be beneficial. Susan Livingston wrote to the Kennel Club for the appropriate forms and sent out forms printed by Janet Lodge, to Siberian Husky owners in Scotland, to be filled in and returned if they wished to become members.
We had a good response, so the ball started rolling.

Helen Feilden approached Susan at a show offering her help; she had previously been involved with a Whippet club, so she was familiar with the running of a breed club.

The inaugural meeting was held in October 1994 and was well supported. Aitken Johnston, who became the first club president, chaired the meeting. It was discussed whether we should apply for a branch of the British club or an independent Scottish club.
A vote was taken and the result was in favour of an independent Scottish club. A steering committee was then nominated and voted on with Mark Theaker as chairman, Helen Feilden as secretary and Susan Livingston as Treasurer. The committee was Georgia Lappin Lawrence, Mary Davidson, Laurna McKie, Rhoda Sharp, Janet Lodge, Audrey Richardson and Jacqui Kelly.
It was then up to the new steering committee to draw up a proposal Constitution and Code of Ethics for the club. A special general meeting was held in February 1995 where the members accepted the Constitution and Code of Ethics.
An election was held for the officer’s positions – Secretary Helen Fielden, Treasurer Audrey Richardson, and chairman Georgia Lappin Lawrence.  The committee being Laurna McKie, Juliana Dorman, Steve Taws, Janet Lodge, Gordon Lawrence and Susan Livingston.

Various events were held, fun days and fun rallies etc until on November 11th 1996 the club was finally given KC recognition.

Only one of the original committee remains, Georgia Lappin Lawrence.

The club was given Championship status by the Kennel Club in 2006. We now hold one Open show and one Championship show per year, plus the occasional judging and working seminar.

We also raise money for Siberian Husky rescue organisations throughout Scotland.